Saturday, October 3, 2015

Never G!ve up

Never Give Up

              Went to watch ‘The Martian’ movie at ‘New theater’ (Thampanoor, Trivandrum), yesterday(03-Oct-2015) with one of my friend. The show was about to start by 06.15 PM and we reached around 05.00. Unfortunately the security staffs didn’t allowed us to enter the theater premises as the entry will start only half an hour before the show. But the young blood inside us kept us not standing outside. After a bunch of strong arguments we got in without their permission.

Few minutes later another security fella, who looks like a 60+ came down and asked us to move out-gently but firmly. Impressed by his well behavior we walked and stood outside the gate.

 Around 5.45 gates were opened.  My buddy went to grab his vehicle for parking it inside. This time that old security guy came to me and apologies for throwing us out.

He said

“   Oh boy, don’t feel bad on me. Just doing my duty. If I don’t, they(The management) gonna kick me out. I got three kids. Elder boy is studying chartered accountancy, younger one is at 10+2. And my girl is into software field. I have gone through so many struggles to bring them up to here. Im trying to earn extra money by working as a security guard, going to paste movie posters, working as a coolie….and so on. Im  only a 9th class pass, but want to give my kids a better education and teach them better manners. I feel really sorry on my act,  please don’t take it personally   ”

We were in chat for few more minutes. My anger transformed to respect. I felt his simple words are stronger than any of the eminent quotes. I was double impressed by his perspective to life and his way of talk like a philosopher. Never expect such a behavior from a security guard of a movie theater.

Before final good bye he said “Never give up, that is what I learned from my life”

A small and negligible incident, but that gave me an insight of something that I couldn’t explain.